We provide baking services to Tezos (XTZ / ꜩ) token holders who are unable to, or do not wish to bake on their own. We take all of the risk and hassle of  baking, so you don’t need too! We utilise Ledger Nano S devices to secure private keys and manage payouts.

Our fee is amongst the lowest in the market at 5% (dynamic), meaning you get to keep more of your hard earned Tezos!

If you would like to find out more about our offering, including our baking set-up, refer to Our Service.

Please be sure to review the Terms & Conditions and How to Delegate pages before delegating to us.

Quick Info:

  • XTZ.Black Address: tz1Suih9uWEnubDeqCTCEfueSCGWYohjyaA5
  • Delegation Status: Open
  • Total Bonds Available: 17,542 ꜩ
  • Current Staking Capacity*: 141,999 ꜩ
  • Current Bond Ratio: 13.4%
  • Minimum Delegation Amount: 2,500 ꜩ
  • Fees: 5% Dynamic Fee
  • Payout: Every five cycles

*Based on maximum bond ramp up and current Tezos network staking percentage.

For more information on Tezos in general visit the official Tezos site.