How long will it take to get my rewards?

Baking rights are backdated by 7 cycles, meaning if you delegated to us in cycle 0, we would receive your baking rights in cycle 7. Baking rewards are  also locked by the Tezos network for 5 cycles after being earnt.

Therefore all baking rewards are accumulated 13 cycles in arrears, if you delegated to us in cycle 0 you would start accumulating rewards in cycle 13.

Are my Tezos safe?

Yes. We never see your private keys, therefore only you are in control of your Tezos. Never reveal your private key to anyone!

What is ‘over delegation’?

When a delegation service bakes / endorses blocks they need to provide a ‘deposit’ (also called ‘bond’) in order to do so. If they don’t have enough funds to do this, then they won’t be able to bake /endorse that block. The more delegations a service receives the more deposits they will need. Eventually it will reach a point where more deposits are required than the service has available in their balance. This is known as over delegation. It means that the service will not be getting the rate of rewards it should be,  compared to the delegated balances it has, since it will not be able to bake 100% of blocks assigned to them. It’s up to the service to decide how to handle this. Usually it will either be one of: a) everyone gets paid less, b) new registrations are added to a waiting list. XTZ Black takes the latter approach in order to protect existing delegates from lower rewards.

Why should I delegate to XTZ Black?

Our fees are extremely competitive and we aim to provide excellent service. Furthermore by delegating to a small independent baker you are helping to decentralise the Tezos network, making it more secure!

What if I have other questions?

If you have any queries feel free to contact us.